Friday, March 3, 2017

As the Lenten season gets under way I really like taking advantaged of the energy of the collective consciousness in support of my own endeavors. This year I have chosen two things, my norm is an all out hard core Master Cleanse or Daniel Fast which I believe is harder than the Master Cleanse because it incorporates limited food. 

Well, this year i’m fasting from sweets; donuts, cakes, candies, chocolate, desserts and as an added bonus I decided to throw in complaining. Boy oh boy!!!!! I thought this will be a piece of cake! That was my mistake lol! It is day two and as I’m driving back from Whole Foods the crossing guard standing at the corner is holding out the sign to stop. He is holding it and speaking to the ladies across the street. I want to make a right turn. They are crossing the opposite side of the street which is a one way coming toward me so ‘I couldn’t have driven in that direction anyway. Did I mention he is holding the sign for me to stop. Me who is on the opposite side of the four cornered street from them wanting to make a right turn. In fact my right blinker is blinking and my GIGI (the car) is slightly turned in that direction. So As I watch them cross one side of the street to the next and then another corner to my left and I watch him talking jovially with them, the first murmurs of complaining start to creep in. Now they are walking on the sidewalk to my left and walking away from him and he is still holding out the sign with his left arm as if he has long forgotten that it was there and there’s no rush or care. It is then that I hear myself say aloud “Lets Go’ with a stern motherly chastising tone, then I catch it! I am aware of a complaint. I’m finally and fully aware that Lent and my healing is in action. Because I asked it is given. As I turn the corner laughing I drive perhaps less than a minute and I’m given another opportunity to practice and catch it quicker this time as I watch a woman crossing a pedestrian walk wile reading something on her phone and stop just shy of being off the walk way to really read what she was seeing. I took a deep breath in, acknowledged what was being offered, moved into acceptance and rolled with it just as it. 

Now this might come as a surprise to you because I am a Spiritual Teacher and if you have ever met me you will know that I always say I am, as we all are, both teacher and student. I have my day’s. I have not nor shall I ever profess to have gotten it all right. In fact I’m am perfectly imperfect and although every day I reach for and strive to stand in my Divinity I am here on the planet, walking this human walk with all the other Masters, including you. If you are on the Planet you are a highly evolved Spiritual Being and It is high time we all started behaving as such. 

Because you have so much support and if you’d like to join me take a moment this season to either give over something for GOoD or embrace something for GoOD. Give yourself the gift of change and the support of your other sisters and brothers in humanity of all faiths that are in a moment of High and Holy Observance. 

This may be the most challenging Lent yet, it will certainly be the most fun and engaging because I am being offered the opportunity to go deeper and to live more fully in my heart where only love lives. 

Go deeper is the invitation this season. Deep into Love, deeper not your practice, Deeper into you.

Wishing you the best with all the Love my heart can hold and deeper still,