Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Living In the Spirit: Developing the Compassionate Heart

Living In the Spirit: Developing the Compassionate Heart

Developing the Compassionate Heart

Developing a Compassionate Heart

getting ready for the holiday season

As a spiritual mentor and New Thought teacher it is important to always be on the lookout for new awarenesses and inspirations. Very likely none of us has to go far to find it when we practice self awareness and introspection. The home, our family of origin and our intimate relationships are a rich source of fertile soil for the breeding ground of healing, revealing and spiritual insights and awarenesses. The more we grow spiritually the deeper the understanding of certain principles are. Compassion is a spiritual principle. Compassion means to walk upon the earth or within the world in such a way that it does not cause another beings unhappiness. I have always understood this and yet in the back of my mind the meaning has taken on a new perspective. In New Thought we teach that people create their own reality and it isn’t “really” us causing another persons unhappiness. This is a fact. Most often it is the persons perspective of what is being shared or said that creates a feeling of unhappiness. I came to an awareness that I have used this as a spiritual bypass, a walking stick I used as a crutch. I wasn’t consciously aware of it. It was like an extra finger or toe that I could sometimes hide with a sock or explain away. This morning it hit me. As I sat with a tightening in my womb, a physical pain. My sacral Chakra was wound up like a cobra or rattle snake waiting to strike.
Compassion KiMani………Compassion means to walk upon the earth or within the world in such a way that it does not contribute to another beings unhappiness. No sooner than a second did the uncoiling of the cobras head move up like the Kundalini rising, another awareness showed up. I  was in an internal conflict because compassion meant I had to “BE” a certain way and at my deepest heart I am a free spirit. I detest being controlled. Unconsciously it looked like I was losing my freedom to be me. I felt the conflict like a tug of war on my Spirit and more Truth glowed like a red hot coal. I was holding the rope. The me that was the petulant child, the teenager who just wanted to have fun, or the twenty year old who thought she was grown just because she left home and the me that was wearing this beautiful white tunic, who is a spiritual leader, teacher and mentor, tethered to the Soul, tethered to the ONE. And my tears rolled down my face and the dam broke open to a greater capacity to love. A deepening of love for myself, the wounded child who felt the need to protect herself growing up as a sensitive soul in this big ol’ world among others who had lost their sense of sensitivity. A deepening of love for others and an ability to sit with their pain without running away, explaining it away or chasing it away. I opened to a new level of Love. Developing a compassionate heart takes courage and a willingness to reflect, allow and surrender to a deepening of the understandings of life. 
Compassion commands us to grow beyond the comfort zones of our own walls and touch the borders of what true humanity means. Compassion means to walk upon the earth or within the world in such a way that it does not add to another beings unhappiness. So today, develop a compassionate heart, let this writing  supply an anchor to the Truth
“Let each disciple tether is so to the compassionate heart and daily define his mission to be first and foremost centered and that hold purging the old order and building the new…….. Let the tenderness of your Heart increase. Purify the heart and the heart chakra. Expand love! Give love! And see how your love joy with others will establish the foundation of the age of Aquarius……….
-Saint Germain 3-23-96, PoW Vol. 39 No.32, pp. 176-177
The name of I AM THAT I AM, I tether my soul to the compassionate heart and daily define my mission to  be first and foremost centered in that Heart.
I seek and find within myself the fount of everlasting compassion. I am joined by spiritual builders who direct the beginning and ending of civilizations.
In the name os Saint Germain, let the tenderness of my heart increase. Purify my heart and my heart Chakra. Expand my love that I may give love and that my love, joined with the love of others, will establish the foundation of the age of Aquarius” 
©1996-97 Church Universal and Truth Inc.

 As women we hold pain in our wombs and the hurt stacks upon one another waiting to strike out at the least provocation that causes us to grow beyond its borders. I got quiet, I listened to the pain, not the words that it can usually create as a defense mechanism. I listened from the crown of my head where the Truth of awareness sits. I listened with my brow Chakra where the seat of my soul consciousness sits and I felt my heart contract then expand and the light from within showed up. Like a movie reel floating across the screen of my mind softly the words melodically echoed. 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Celebrating The Divine Mother in honor of "Mothers Day"

Celebrating The Divine Mother 
in honor of 
"Mothers Day"

Mother's Day is just a few days away and I have found myself thinking of my own Mother who is in the Ancestor realm now. She and I didn’t quite see eye to eye when she was alive. I feel like now as the years have passed I have more compassion and a clearer understanding of us, her and me individually and collectively. How we are reflections of one another and how I had projected a lot of my own desires on her and perhaps she on me. What I know is that in many ways I didn’t accept her for who she was. I didn’t appreciate the fact that she was doing the best she could with the tools she had. I didn’t accept or understand her as a person, a woman, a friend. Her life was a celebration of motherhood. She made a choice to give birth, she made a choice to raise me, she made many many choices that supported my growth and spiritual development and instead of celebrating that I judged and blamed her for those choices. 
To heal the Mother wound we must love and to love without conditions. This is a challenge for some people. Often times we get stuck in what we want or wanted to experience. How we want or wanted our mother to “show up” for us. If this is the case there is help. In order to get to that place of Unconditional Love we must first practice appreciation. Appreciation is a key to developing love. When we learn to appreciate what is instead of focusing on what is or was not, more of what is shows up. 
Today I have healed many layers of the Mother Wound. I have learned to Mother myself and nurture myself so that I can fully appreciate my mother and all she did to give me life. This is a critical tool especially for those who do not have children. When we do this we begin to understand the constant 24/7 job it is to care fully for our-self. Children are yet another aspect of our self. Because of this level of self care I can and do uplift, thank and praise my mother for the choices she made. I acknowledge and exalt her and the sacrifices she made and the fact that she did the best she could in raising us. I acknowledge that she may have sacrificed a dream and certainly her freedom so that we could be. As I have learned to let myself off the hook when I am less than understanding or caring for myself, I have learned to let my mother off the hook too. 
The physical mother is in part an aspect of the Divine Mother; The Feminine aspect of God. She is also an aspect of the Moon, the Earth and in some cases the Sun. When we have challenges with our own mother we are in some ways disconnecting from our Divine Mother. Learning to tap into that Maternal energy of the Moon and the Earth we learn to move in rhythms and cycles. We learn the harmony and balance between creativity and rest. We learn to respect ourself, our body as a representation of the Earth and our emotions as an aspect of the Moon. We learn to harness the Fire of our Mother God and transform our heart into a home that accepts all of her Children. Every color, race, religion, ethnic background and gender. We get to BE the change we wish to see. Connecting to our Divine Mother is a MUST, if we want to heal the rift that is happening in the world today. We must connect to the Divine Mother Within our hearts because that is where she lives. She is that aspect that knows only how to love. She knows how to protect her children and she as you see now, can and will destroy the virus of hate, anger or rage that flows in the human heart so that She will rise in her purity and holiness again. Our innate intuitive self is the Mother. She is that part that takes in all children and feeds them from her many breasts. Like the Earth her waters are not segregated except by the dams built by her wayward children. Her arms are the borders that welcome all, they are not closed like the borders made into walls that separate son and daughters of the ONE.
Today I write this in honor of our “Mothers”, our Divine Mother, our Birth Mother and our Mothers by through action. I write this in celebration of lives life, dreams differed and dreams manifest.

In Loving Memory of:

Eliza Wilson Reynolds
Dorothy Reynolds Sandville
Karen Harris
Cecilia DePiola
Lois Gross Robinson
Héléne Anna Hall

Friday, March 3, 2017

Healing the Mother Wound Post Card

As the Lenten season gets under way I really like taking advantaged of the energy of the collective consciousness in support of my own endeavors. This year I have chosen two things, my norm is an all out hard core Master Cleanse or Daniel Fast which I believe is harder than the Master Cleanse because it incorporates limited food. 

Well, this year i’m fasting from sweets; donuts, cakes, candies, chocolate, desserts and as an added bonus I decided to throw in complaining. Boy oh boy!!!!! I thought this will be a piece of cake! That was my mistake lol! It is day two and as I’m driving back from Whole Foods the crossing guard standing at the corner is holding out the sign to stop. He is holding it and speaking to the ladies across the street. I want to make a right turn. They are crossing the opposite side of the street which is a one way coming toward me so ‘I couldn’t have driven in that direction anyway. Did I mention he is holding the sign for me to stop. Me who is on the opposite side of the four cornered street from them wanting to make a right turn. In fact my right blinker is blinking and my GIGI (the car) is slightly turned in that direction. So As I watch them cross one side of the street to the next and then another corner to my left and I watch him talking jovially with them, the first murmurs of complaining start to creep in. Now they are walking on the sidewalk to my left and walking away from him and he is still holding out the sign with his left arm as if he has long forgotten that it was there and there’s no rush or care. It is then that I hear myself say aloud “Lets Go’ with a stern motherly chastising tone, then I catch it! I am aware of a complaint. I’m finally and fully aware that Lent and my healing is in action. Because I asked it is given. As I turn the corner laughing I drive perhaps less than a minute and I’m given another opportunity to practice and catch it quicker this time as I watch a woman crossing a pedestrian walk wile reading something on her phone and stop just shy of being off the walk way to really read what she was seeing. I took a deep breath in, acknowledged what was being offered, moved into acceptance and rolled with it just as it. 

Now this might come as a surprise to you because I am a Spiritual Teacher and if you have ever met me you will know that I always say I am, as we all are, both teacher and student. I have my day’s. I have not nor shall I ever profess to have gotten it all right. In fact I’m am perfectly imperfect and although every day I reach for and strive to stand in my Divinity I am here on the planet, walking this human walk with all the other Masters, including you. If you are on the Planet you are a highly evolved Spiritual Being and It is high time we all started behaving as such. 

Because you have so much support and if you’d like to join me take a moment this season to either give over something for GOoD or embrace something for GoOD. Give yourself the gift of change and the support of your other sisters and brothers in humanity of all faiths that are in a moment of High and Holy Observance. 

This may be the most challenging Lent yet, it will certainly be the most fun and engaging because I am being offered the opportunity to go deeper and to live more fully in my heart where only love lives. 

Go deeper is the invitation this season. Deep into Love, deeper not your practice, Deeper into you.

Wishing you the best with all the Love my heart can hold and deeper still,

Sunday, January 29, 2017

An Open Letter To Align With Your Greater GoOD

What a wonderful time to be alive. I am the eternal optimist and I truly believe that. I believe that because I feel optimistic. I do not allow myself to get swept up in what is and instead can look upon this experience we are collectively having as an opportunity to take a stand for something greater than what is being experienced. This is what has kept my heart open to love and open to the presence of GoOD in all things. I simply know and whole heartedly trust that there must be a purpose and a greater GoOD that is coming from this experience no matter what is happening.

There have been complaints of complacency in our community, this I have heard talk of even in my own circle.  I have heard complaints that once the civil rights were over we as a people, especially African American have become complacent with what we have been given, what civil liberties and rights we gained from the activity of our ancestors and friends alive and passed on. This complacency wasn’t just from African Americans, it was from our Caucasian sisters and brothers and friends of all nationalities that marched with us. We stood in harmony arm and arm. When we reached a certain point, the fighting and marching and taking a stand stopped, we began to resume our lives. We ignored what small disregarded liberties remained. We ignored them and little by little more infringements began to filter their way back into our life. What effect one effects all. This last election has given us an opportunity to embody, embrace and create a new civil rights movement into a catalytic affair. We have been given a gift of magnificent proportion. We have the capacity to get involved with life once again. Not just our life but all life for truly no one is free until we are all free.

I can’t say for sure what to do, although there is plenty to do. That isn’t my speciality. My speciality is helping you turn that frown upside down. Helping us all to see that this is an opportunity of a magnitude we in our life time have yet to see. Truthfully I have had my moments of tears and fears. I have used it not as a place to wallow like a grave yard for my hopes and dreams. I have used it as a wading pool, walking through it to get to the other side; the side of action. My first action was to find the energy that motivates me. My motivation is joy. What brings me joy? Sharing a kind word, and uplifting thought and supporting others in their journey fills my heart like nothing else. So I suppose I do have a “you can do this” suggestion. I can say what to do as my suggestion and contribution to alleviate the feelings of stuck-ness that can happen when there is so much to do. My “what to do” isn’t for everyone nor is it all there is to do. It is just one branch on a tree filled with life giving opportunities to continue our connection as a human family. Find what is yours to do. Prayerfully it brings people closer together and is empowering. If what you are doing generates life and life more abundantly for all then keep at it. If what you are doing is only saving you and your immediate family stretch yourself a little further out there because each one needs one…….another to survive.

Today I allowed myself to tap into the presidential drama going on. I did so mindfully, as a tool to be able to stay connected with my fellow Americans. I used it like the side and rear view mirror in my car, not as the destination but a tool of discernment to see what steps I need to take to get to my destination, to orient myself to see with more focus what I want to create. Have you made hate your destination? Are you dragging it along with you toward love?  Have you made fear your destination? Are you carrying it with you in your actions? Have you made separation a part of destination on your way to creating world peace? When you get caught up in the whirlpool of mayhem that is ensuing in the media stop for a moment and ask what results you really are looking for? If your desire is peace then what you do must come from a place of peace. If your desire is love what you do must be birthed from a place of love. Think of Ghandi or Martin Luther King. They effected great change without using hate, fear, aggression, anger, judgement or blame. They used love, hope, faith, peace, discernment to be the foundation for the change.  We must come to the problem from the eye of the solution which is to say not using the same techniques utilized in creating the problem.

Today, reach out, connect with a neighbor, a family member, a friend or a long lost aunt. Connect, reach out and touch someone. Speak to the person in the grocery line. Say hello to the cashier and share a smile. Let people know you care. Share your love. The more we reach out to others the more we continue to grow in awareness that we are ALL in this together. Practice non-judgement. This means be more open to compassion and understanding others and less preachy about how you got to where you were so they can change too. We each are given the capacity to become our greatest selves. What supports that isn’t criticism or complaints and while that will make things grow, kinda like manure, it stinks. Try a sunshine of complements and a rain fall of “you can do its.” I know you can!

I know you can find something positive about this election. I know that you can utilize what we have been given as a catalyst for transformation in our world. Whether it is opening your doors for more community events, becoming involved in politics, taking a bike to work, using public transportation, carpooling, supporting your local something, I don’t know exactly. What I do know is that you should allow it fuel your connection to each other and to life. Be committed and determined to see what ways you might, even in the littlest way, separate yourself from someone else then find, seek and see the commonality of us all. Truly We are ONE and in our ONENESS We Shall Rise Above!

With so much love,

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Healing the Inner Child

As the time gets nearer for my retreat “Return to your Radiance” Healing the inner child before the holidays, I feel myself really connecting with my inner child. This awareness is showing me the many ways I have yet to grow up. It is bringing clarity to behavioral patterns that are in place that do not support what I say I want. It is showing me the incongruences that keep me from having the life I want. It is showing me how I unconsciously sabotage myself . What does it look like and how to address? 

It shows up as 
  • a desire to create more than execute
  • A want to get my own way more than make a way
  • procrastination
  • An increase in eating sugary foods
  • lack of focus
  • resistance to planning

How it shows up in each of our lives will be different. The point is she/he is there slowing eroding relationships and poisoning our ability to stand fully in our power. How do you change these behaviors? There are three essential keys to changing them and when practiced you will see amazing results. 

  1. First Key Awareness
  • You can’t become aware if you’re not willing to pay attention to yourself.
  • Connect to yourself hold your left hand on your heart and your right hand on the hara-point just below the belly button then ask yourself  “what do I really need, desire and feel?” and then get quiet. 

    2. Second Key Acceptance 
  • You have to accept full responsibility for your life and all that has happened, all that is present in order to create a future you and a future unlike the present state of affairs. 
  • Holding your right hand on your heart and your left hand onto of it repeat 3 X’s out loud and 3X’s silently “I deeply and unconditionally, Love, appreciate and accept myself exactly as I am.” Sit quietly in that space focusing on your heart. Breathe into your heart and out of the hara-point ,the space just below your belly button but above the sacral chakra. (If you don’t know the chakras please google or request a chakra chart from me)

     3. Third Key Acknowledgement
  • You have to acknowledge the behavior in the moment that it is happening or in the very least take an assessment of yourself daily to acknowledge whether your life is moving in the direction you desire or not. 
  • Journal nightly and ask yourself the following 10 questions before you lay you down to sleep. 
  1. How loving was I to myself today?
  2. Did I keep my commitments to myself?
  3. Did I follow or deviate from  plans I laid out for myself?
  4. Did what I did today bring me closer to my dreams?
  5. Have I exhibited this behavior before? 
  6. Which of my choices supported what I said I want?
  7. Which of my choices not support what I said I want?
  8. How did I blame others for my choices today?
  9. How did I take full responsibility for my choices?
  10. What choices can I make tomorrow or now that will show self Love and are free of blame, shame and attack?

End this process using the second key. Doing this process nightly you will see amazing results!

These first three keys lay the foundation to support you in taking the next most appropriate step in creating an action plan for your desires. It helps clear the slate so that when you begin you are starting from a place of calm, self-love and inner cooperation. You are going to want to create a schedule, regimen, or system that allows for creativity and structure carved out in the way you can fully enjoy both aspect of yourself, the adult you and the inner child you. The inner child isn’t something we want to lock away, destroy or get ride of. They are a valuable and necessary aspect of our being that keeps us young, lively and joyful just because we are alive. Working together with our inner child we can live full abundant lives filled with joy and laughter.