Saturday, May 13, 2017

Celebrating The Divine Mother in honor of "Mothers Day"

Celebrating The Divine Mother 
in honor of 
"Mothers Day"

Mother's Day is just a few days away and I have found myself thinking of my own Mother who is in the Ancestor realm now. She and I didn’t quite see eye to eye when she was alive. I feel like now as the years have passed I have more compassion and a clearer understanding of us, her and me individually and collectively. How we are reflections of one another and how I had projected a lot of my own desires on her and perhaps she on me. What I know is that in many ways I didn’t accept her for who she was. I didn’t appreciate the fact that she was doing the best she could with the tools she had. I didn’t accept or understand her as a person, a woman, a friend. Her life was a celebration of motherhood. She made a choice to give birth, she made a choice to raise me, she made many many choices that supported my growth and spiritual development and instead of celebrating that I judged and blamed her for those choices. 
To heal the Mother wound we must love and to love without conditions. This is a challenge for some people. Often times we get stuck in what we want or wanted to experience. How we want or wanted our mother to “show up” for us. If this is the case there is help. In order to get to that place of Unconditional Love we must first practice appreciation. Appreciation is a key to developing love. When we learn to appreciate what is instead of focusing on what is or was not, more of what is shows up. 
Today I have healed many layers of the Mother Wound. I have learned to Mother myself and nurture myself so that I can fully appreciate my mother and all she did to give me life. This is a critical tool especially for those who do not have children. When we do this we begin to understand the constant 24/7 job it is to care fully for our-self. Children are yet another aspect of our self. Because of this level of self care I can and do uplift, thank and praise my mother for the choices she made. I acknowledge and exalt her and the sacrifices she made and the fact that she did the best she could in raising us. I acknowledge that she may have sacrificed a dream and certainly her freedom so that we could be. As I have learned to let myself off the hook when I am less than understanding or caring for myself, I have learned to let my mother off the hook too. 
The physical mother is in part an aspect of the Divine Mother; The Feminine aspect of God. She is also an aspect of the Moon, the Earth and in some cases the Sun. When we have challenges with our own mother we are in some ways disconnecting from our Divine Mother. Learning to tap into that Maternal energy of the Moon and the Earth we learn to move in rhythms and cycles. We learn the harmony and balance between creativity and rest. We learn to respect ourself, our body as a representation of the Earth and our emotions as an aspect of the Moon. We learn to harness the Fire of our Mother God and transform our heart into a home that accepts all of her Children. Every color, race, religion, ethnic background and gender. We get to BE the change we wish to see. Connecting to our Divine Mother is a MUST, if we want to heal the rift that is happening in the world today. We must connect to the Divine Mother Within our hearts because that is where she lives. She is that aspect that knows only how to love. She knows how to protect her children and she as you see now, can and will destroy the virus of hate, anger or rage that flows in the human heart so that She will rise in her purity and holiness again. Our innate intuitive self is the Mother. She is that part that takes in all children and feeds them from her many breasts. Like the Earth her waters are not segregated except by the dams built by her wayward children. Her arms are the borders that welcome all, they are not closed like the borders made into walls that separate son and daughters of the ONE.
Today I write this in honor of our “Mothers”, our Divine Mother, our Birth Mother and our Mothers by through action. I write this in celebration of lives life, dreams differed and dreams manifest.

In Loving Memory of:

Eliza Wilson Reynolds
Dorothy Reynolds Sandville
Karen Harris
Cecilia DePiola
Lois Gross Robinson
Héléne Anna Hall