Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Developing the Compassionate Heart

Developing a Compassionate Heart

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As a spiritual mentor and New Thought teacher it is important to always be on the lookout for new awarenesses and inspirations. Very likely none of us has to go far to find it when we practice self awareness and introspection. The home, our family of origin and our intimate relationships are a rich source of fertile soil for the breeding ground of healing, revealing and spiritual insights and awarenesses. The more we grow spiritually the deeper the understanding of certain principles are. Compassion is a spiritual principle. Compassion means to walk upon the earth or within the world in such a way that it does not cause another beings unhappiness. I have always understood this and yet in the back of my mind the meaning has taken on a new perspective. In New Thought we teach that people create their own reality and it isn’t “really” us causing another persons unhappiness. This is a fact. Most often it is the persons perspective of what is being shared or said that creates a feeling of unhappiness. I came to an awareness that I have used this as a spiritual bypass, a walking stick I used as a crutch. I wasn’t consciously aware of it. It was like an extra finger or toe that I could sometimes hide with a sock or explain away. This morning it hit me. As I sat with a tightening in my womb, a physical pain. My sacral Chakra was wound up like a cobra or rattle snake waiting to strike.
Compassion KiMani………Compassion means to walk upon the earth or within the world in such a way that it does not contribute to another beings unhappiness. No sooner than a second did the uncoiling of the cobras head move up like the Kundalini rising, another awareness showed up. I  was in an internal conflict because compassion meant I had to “BE” a certain way and at my deepest heart I am a free spirit. I detest being controlled. Unconsciously it looked like I was losing my freedom to be me. I felt the conflict like a tug of war on my Spirit and more Truth glowed like a red hot coal. I was holding the rope. The me that was the petulant child, the teenager who just wanted to have fun, or the twenty year old who thought she was grown just because she left home and the me that was wearing this beautiful white tunic, who is a spiritual leader, teacher and mentor, tethered to the Soul, tethered to the ONE. And my tears rolled down my face and the dam broke open to a greater capacity to love. A deepening of love for myself, the wounded child who felt the need to protect herself growing up as a sensitive soul in this big ol’ world among others who had lost their sense of sensitivity. A deepening of love for others and an ability to sit with their pain without running away, explaining it away or chasing it away. I opened to a new level of Love. Developing a compassionate heart takes courage and a willingness to reflect, allow and surrender to a deepening of the understandings of life. 
Compassion commands us to grow beyond the comfort zones of our own walls and touch the borders of what true humanity means. Compassion means to walk upon the earth or within the world in such a way that it does not add to another beings unhappiness. So today, develop a compassionate heart, let this writing  supply an anchor to the Truth
“Let each disciple tether is so to the compassionate heart and daily define his mission to be first and foremost centered and that hold purging the old order and building the new…….. Let the tenderness of your Heart increase. Purify the heart and the heart chakra. Expand love! Give love! And see how your love joy with others will establish the foundation of the age of Aquarius……….
-Saint Germain 3-23-96, PoW Vol. 39 No.32, pp. 176-177
The name of I AM THAT I AM, I tether my soul to the compassionate heart and daily define my mission to  be first and foremost centered in that Heart.
I seek and find within myself the fount of everlasting compassion. I am joined by spiritual builders who direct the beginning and ending of civilizations.
In the name os Saint Germain, let the tenderness of my heart increase. Purify my heart and my heart Chakra. Expand my love that I may give love and that my love, joined with the love of others, will establish the foundation of the age of Aquarius” 
©1996-97 Church Universal and Truth Inc.

 As women we hold pain in our wombs and the hurt stacks upon one another waiting to strike out at the least provocation that causes us to grow beyond its borders. I got quiet, I listened to the pain, not the words that it can usually create as a defense mechanism. I listened from the crown of my head where the Truth of awareness sits. I listened with my brow Chakra where the seat of my soul consciousness sits and I felt my heart contract then expand and the light from within showed up. Like a movie reel floating across the screen of my mind softly the words melodically echoed.