Friday, November 17, 2017

Trust that you are Divine Guided and Directed

Writing the book “Soul Intentions a Manifesto for living life from the Soul” was truly a push in the path of my Souls purpose. The impulse to write it was a spark of guidance and I went with it. As I come further along this road of mine (nod to Donniee B…. whose blog title that is) I am beginning to realize that I am being guided ever so gently in the path of my individual Souls purpose on this sweet earth. The Soul is the aspect of our self that never dies. It is that Divine spark that believes in the Divinity of every person and holds all life as sacred. Some people believe that the Soul sits in the Crown Chakra while others the Brow Chakra and still others argue it’s in the heart or the Soul Star or even the navel Chakra. Whatever your belief it matters not. What matters is that you get connected with it and allow it to lead you to your destiny. There are teachings that espouse that God needs a body, and that our body is the temple of the living God. I believe that is True. We are the Temple for the living God though our Souls connection to Supreme Source or Supreme Soul. We are the embodiment of that Living God on earth. The Scriptures speak of putting on the full armor of God. I believe in digesting the word of Sacred Texts in a metaphysical manner because at heart I am a metaphysician. Metaphysically when we put on the full armor, we align the Chakras and clear out the magnetic field and fill it with light and we become the living embodiment of God on earth in its fullest potential the same way The Master Jesus The Christ was able to do. We too have this Divine potential. 

Each time you take a step to fully align yourself with the TRUTH of who you are, you access more of your Divine potential. This cannot be found outside of yourself. It can only be found within. With that said, it’s true that teachers, Gurus and Spiritual adepts can point us in the right direction and can serve as the catalyst of enlightenment giving us Shakti-put. They can help us to raise the Kundalini and achieve moments of enlightenment but until we can maintain that vibration for ourselves and within ourselves, we will always be in search of something outside of our Self. In this way, God remains “the big man in the sky” or some other intangible entity. When we do this we are disconnected from the Soul which resides within the Self and it is that Soul which is connect to Source Supreme Soul that is the very thing we are looking for. 

What weighs your Soul down is un-forgiveness, anger, pain, fear and ignoring the divine impulses that are given to you through intuition and received in the ambrosial hours before dawn when the sound of Truth can be heard more readily. 

What are you doing to connect to your Soul?
 Do you give yourself the gift of silence daily?
 The gift of prayer daily? 
The gift of meditation daily?

 Even as short a time as fifteen minutes in the day will be helpful. There are a total of one thousand four hundred and forty minutes in a day. Are you willing to commit fifteen of this minutes just for you? The commitment to ourselves is the foundation for all other commitments. May you find the ability to stay the course of your Souls development to be the Master on the Earth as you are already in Heaven. 


I am the soul, I am the Light Divine.
I am Love, I am Will, I am Fixed Design.

(from the work of Djwhal Khul and Alice Bailey)