Saturday, November 25, 2017

Stop Yielding and Choose

Are you like me? Do you yield when the signs call for stopping? Today while driving I stopped at a stop sign and as my car rolled towards the corner and then came to a stop, I realized that I had to consciously make an effort, because I don’t always come to a full and complete stop. The definition of stopping at a stop sign is that all four wheels must stop. When you yield the front tires are stopping and as we drive off the back tires are still in motion and are only just coming to a stop as the front wheels have already started in motion again. 

One of my Philosophies is that where you do it one place you also do it in other places. So if you’re like me, a yielder at a stop sign and not a full stopper at a stop sign it’s time to ask a few important questions. “Where in life do you yield instead of coming to a full and complete stop?” Where do you not stop to take the time before moving onto another project, another business, another relationship, another anything? Take a moment and do the inventory. Stop and take stock. Unless we can see a behavior it will be impossible to change it. Changes may happen based on other things you do but to make a conscious and lasting change we must be willing to look at the behavior without judgement and lovingly and willingly make a new choice. Choice is our most powerful tool. Choice and commitment work together like a hammer, in two parts, the head and the handle.The head (choice) and the handle (commitment) drive the nail (decision) home and create whatever you desire. 

Coming to a full stop and taking stock will yield power results. Try it! I’d love to hear your results. 

I recognize God as the source of my life and in God my life is complete and total abundance. I am Alive in my fullness when I am in alignment and in conscious acceptance of this Truth. The Truth is the power of Divine Mind within my mind is the power of the right use of Judgement, which is discernment. In Discernment I use judgement from it’s highest perspective. When I I discern I am in Alignment with my thoughts, words and actions; in alignment with Life and that Life is abundant. Today as I lovingly and dispassionately stop and take stock of my life I can  accurately  see what is bringing more life through me and what is hindering life within me. I see clearly my choices and I choose life. I give thanks to all that has shown up to support this awareness and I let God do the work within me, molding my thoughts, affirming my words and guiding my actions such that I am an active participant in the changes in me that me in living in alignment with life and life more abundantly. I let God do the heavy lifting and release my cares trusting in the prefect outcome. Thank you God. So be it! Amen 


I Stop look and listen before I move forward. I look to my right and my left and make sure I see all the options clearly for my life. I exercise the power of Discernment and I yield to stopping before moving forward. I am Powerful I am free.