Saturday, December 2, 2017

Have fun. Laugh a lot. And feel young and free again!

Some of us take adulthood very seriously. In fact, we are dead serious about being serious. Actually in all seriousness, being serious isn’t as serious as it’s made out to be. Being silly and having fun, now that's serious business. Last night I spent time on Church Street toasting marshmallows, and eating s’mores, drinking hot chocolate  and singing carols with the Salvation Army Man. I was about the business of having fun and I made contacts for my business in the process.

In the midst of all the joy, like the Grinch, there was a pinch then a moment that began to turn the tide. While standing in the freezing cold, with Popsicle fingers instead of Popsicle toes (nod to my mom and Micheal Franks) handing out “free pyramid sessions”, that people refused (That’s a whole other article about how we say no and don’t even know what we are saying no to, you know ….lol) ooh where was I …. Oh yea, During that sixty second period of time that felt like a very long while, I came upon a feeling that was like Pinocchio’s nose, it began to grow. For one reason or another I felt that I was missing potential customers and in that moment, felt anxious. Now just as fast as you please that anxiousness was starting to take over like an unwanted virus with an express card with carte blanc. What is a girl to do to get off the Reading Railroad and onto Park Place? I took a breath, dropped into the moment, let go of expectations and just like that I was back in CandyLand.

So this holiday season while still making deadlines, grading papers and stirring the pots and tossing the pans, stay in the moment. When circumstances and even people try and get you to play the game of sadness, madness and joyless-ness,
take a clue from fireman and STOP, DROP and ROLL.

Stop: Take a breath
Drop: Into the moment, into your heart, onto your knees……just drop cause you can’t put the fire out any other way, and…….
Roll: With what is going on, no resistance, releasing expectations and fully accepting what is.

And before you know it you’ll be back in Kansas with the click of your ruby slipper so you can Have fun. Laugh a lot. And feel young and free again!