Friday, December 29, 2017

Let go, Let go, Let go.....and its GONE!

If you’re on this earth at this time chances are you are on a Spiritual path. This spiritual path isn’t a passive path to be on. It is an active path. It is a path of compassion, of love, of forgiveness. It is a path of consciousness. It is a path of conscious action and this comes with every step we take, every breath we take and every thought we think. Today I am consciously choosing, as a Minister of Spiritual Consciousness to address the state of consciousness that I see in some of my constituents in the world of wellness. Wellness starts in the mind and from there it trickles down into our actions, words and experiences. I distribute Young Living Oils® and as a distributer of these oils I am in the business of wellness. I am in the Spirit of Joy, Faith, and Forgiveness which are some of the great essentials oils that Young Living® produces. As such I am openly addressing the arrogance and piety that is sometimes displayed when the mention of doTERRA® oils comes up. 

My friend is a doTERRA® distributer and user. She is a remarkable being of light and a fierce presence in the community of Spiritual Development. She is actively participating in the evolution of spiritual Consciousness in humanity by consciously participating in her spiritual evolution through practices that involve deeply being self aware and accountable for her thoughts, actions and speech and how it effects the fabric of humanity al large. When I see and hear the implications of “what kind of people” are using doTERRA®I am completely baffled. I don’t know what happened between Gary Young and Robert Young. It’s all hearsay to me because I wan’t there. What I do know is that those of us who distribute the oils from the respective companies are well-meaning individuals with a commitment to wellness at the foundation of our desires, and as we share what we love our sharing is done in the spirit of that love. 

We are entering into 2018 and it is time to lay the gauntlet down and work with love and forgiveness as the foundation of our being and not our doing. What I know about the oils I distribute and the person who created it based solely on one specific product, “The Ancient Oils of Scripture.” How I perceive a person who has developed oils based on scriptures in the Bible and using words like Believe, Forgiveness, Acceptance, Faith, is that this person would be a person who believed in the tenants of what he has developed and the basis on which those oils were named after. He must practice Faith, he must practice Forgiveness, and Acceptance. It is time that we, the people who distribute these products also embody to heart those beliefs as well. I say let bygones be bygones and lay down the burdens, cares and resentment, arrogance and snobbery. There is enough in this world for everyone. The whole element of competition is false and self-generated by fear, the fear of not enough. 
Let 2018 be the year that you live this mantra, “I am abundant, I am free, There is enough for you and for me.” Since it all begins in the mind, as Divine Mind and back of all things, as us, there is always enough. I am enough.  You are enough.There is enough for the both of us.

In 2018  I am Inspired to Live My Passion and Build My Dreams, in the field of possibility, that abundance is available to me and to everyone else according to our conscious acceptance of it. I believe in peace and good will towards all is possible and that Consciousness is elevated in every conscious action, conscious thought and conscious word towards that end, and as such we are effecting the very web of creation until we are all realized as connected and directed by the One presence back of all things, that which has created us in His/Her name. In the book “Love without Conditions” Reflections of the Christ Mind written by Paul Ferrini it says “to teach right, make right.” Again, I don’t know what happened. I do know that now they Young Living® and Doterra® both exist and that there is enough room on this sweet earth for both and the matter between the creators isn’t ours to hold like school kids picking sides. It is ours to Love without Conditions and practice Acceptance with Joy and love. 

As we leave behind a very challenging 2017, look into your heart and see what thoughts you are holding against someone? Are you still squabbling over the family rivalry from 1963 or 1816? Are you still holding onto what happened last year or the year before between you and another one? If you are I invite you to lay down your arms. throw in the towel and let bygones be bygones. What we ask of our country we must first ask of ourselves. Let go… Let go… Let go….. and its gone. 

Blessings into the new year my dears!