Friday, February 2, 2018

Today I realized that in my desire to be free from pain, in my resistance to what was showing up and what I was feeling I took the bait. The bait that was offered from the Angel called Temptation and Materiality. I was, in my pain and gave into the temptation to blame and project the cause of my pain onto the material world. Sometimes this can show up as a job, a person, a set of circumstances. Whatever it is, it is the effect which is the “material world” and not the Truth. The reality that I am the cause of my external experience. It is my creation how I embrace, embody and internalize the external world. This is where it gets tricky. Utilizing the Law of Attraction I recognize that I am in effect creating a vibrational resonance with the external circumstance. This is a rudimentary understanding of the Law. The Law exists and experiences happen period. Yes while on some level I am in relationship and thereby a participant in the causal power of the Universe through the direct interaction with my subconscious mind an advanced understanding and a demonstration of spiritual growth that moves beyond the “I created this” which can often be interpreted as “it’s my fault” is that no matter what is showing up and no matter how I did or did not created this I have to, we all have to be in conscious choice of how it is experienced. We can move into first cause at that moment, recognize or not our hand in it and accept what is without judgment. We can move into the feeling and like the breeze allow it to pass over us, through us and be still. In that stillness know that we are God. As God we are the creator and the created. God is not moved by it’s creation. God is only Love and sends Love to what is has created. In sending Love to what shows up we begin to effect change in the material world. We release ourselves from the temptation of blame, shame or projection and  stand in alignment with the Law that is the foundation of all Laws, the Law of Love.

In the definition of the “Law of Love” as written in Iyanla Vanzant’s definition based on her teachings in the class Practical Metaphysics at the Inner Vision Institute for Spiritual Development it says….

“As human beings, we often confuse our mental and emotional constructs of relationships, needs, and desires with love. We believe that we love people and they love us in return. TheTruth is, we are seeking a greater experience of the love within ourselves. In turn we want to share that love with the particular person.”

Once we move into the feelings that we are experiencing we can then make a choice to love. even if that love is to our self in that moment. When we love ourself and allow ourself to heal that feeling of hurt from the wounded inner child we can then experience that Love from within. When we experience the softening that happens naturally as a result of this nurturance then we can offer it to the other, the situation, person, job or circumstance. A pooling of energy happens spontaneously within the heart and a pouring of that pool of love washes clean the sin (sin errr in judgement) and all things are made new.

Side Note:
John Randolph Price has a book called the “Twenty-Two Angels” that govern our lives. These Angels are causal powers in the Universe. The Angel that I found myself in direct relationship with was the Angel of Temptation and Materiality. This Angel is represented by the zodiac sign Capricorn.

After practicing the Sufi Elemental Healing Breaths (found on my website) Bring your awareness to your knees. Breathing with your awareness there for a minute or two move to your bowels. Breathing with your awareness there for a minute or two move to your neck. Breathing with your awareness there for a minute or two slowly rub your fingers together and bring your awareness back to the room. I suggest you journal your feelings and be aware of your thoughts, food cravings and emotions for the next few days after.