Monday, September 14, 2015

The Power of Intention

When we wake up in the morning most often we focus on what we have to do for the day. We go over the laundry list of things and make check marks in our head about what "needs" to take place. For some this is the process. Yet take  moment and imagine instead that before you go over the list of "things" to do, you first set your intention (making a conscious decision to do a particular thing a particular way) on how you want to experience the things that you are going to do. How different your day would be if you decide in advance that "today when I do the laundry, cook dinner or attend the 11 am meeting, I AM going to BE FULLY PRESENT AND ENJOY IT!"

Starting out on any task without having an intention is like driving without a destination. Set your destination for Joy in every experience and cruise through the day with a different outlook. If you need help doing this, let Women Healing Zone help you do just that!